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Media Resume
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Gary S. Martinez
P.O. Box 604
Pine Grove, CA 95665
(209) 296-2204
                    Weight: 175 lbs.
Height: 5' 10"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Salt and Pepper

Media Work (Selected)
ESTATE OWNER (print model) for Bank of America/US Trust Bank for Purple Lamb Productions
SPOKESPERSON for Green Funding, LLC (internet)
SPOKESPERSON for (on-air national television)
DOCTOR TAYLOR in Dino King '07 for Sega of America
DOCTOR TAYLOR in Dino King '08 for Sega of America
HARRY, JIM GREEN (lead voiceovers) in Rainy Woods for Marvelous Interactive
DOCTOR TAYLOR (lead voiceover) in Dino King '06 for Sega of America
STRATCOM VOICE (lead voiceover) in Time Crisis: Crisis Zone for Namco
VARIOUS in Popolo Crois for Agetec
VARIOUS BATTLE CHARACTERS in Tenchu Shinobi Taizen for Sega of America
COMMANDER NARRATOR in Armored Core: Last Raven for Agetec
DESMOND SPRITZ and GOLDSTEIN in Raw Danger for Agetec
ADAM, AVALON, NARRATOR, and ELDER YOSEPH in Shining Force for Sega of America
DOKAI/VARIOUS (featured voiceover) for Kuon for Agetec
GUSTAV (featured voiceover) for Sword of the Spirit for LisMar Productions
NARRATOR (feature voiceover) for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows for Sega of America
COMM VOICE/STRUGGLE/AMMO (featured voiceovers) for Armored Core Nexus for Agetec
VARIOUS (featured voiceovers) for Echo Night for Agetec
SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR/Various (featured voiceover) for Time Crisis: Crisis Zone for Namco
AGED SEER (featured voiceover) for Otogi for Sega of America
KOBUSHI (featured voiceover) for Shinobi for Sega of America
HESSIAN SOLDIER (featured voiceover) for Liberty Kids for The Learning Company
TEXAS HAWK, NOISY DUCK, GEAR JAMMER (featured voiceovers) for The King of Route 66 for Sega of America
JACQUES (featured voiceover) in Test Drive for Infograms
Various (featured voiceovers) in Armored Core 2002 for Agetec
POLICE, HARRIER (featured voiceovers) in Jet Set Radio Future for Sega of America
CUBAN MAN, INDIAN MAN, MEXICAN SPY (featured voiceovers) in Where in Time is Carmen San Diego? for The Learning Company
NOTTLE, SENIOR MAGE, various (featured voiceover) in Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor for Mattel, Inc. Lance Grody, Producer (Stormfront Studios)
ADMIRAL SARN (lead on-camera) in Rebel Assault II for LucasArts Ltd.
SCOLBA (featured voiceover) in Tales of Destiny II for Namco Greg Weber, Producer
LOUIS PASTEUR/various (lead on-camera) in Sybase Marketing CD ROM for eMotion Studios Helayne Waldman, Director Paul Lundahl, Producer
TRIGGER, various (featured voiceovers) in Ace Combat IV for Namco Greg Weber, Producer
JONAH/REBEL SOLDIER #1/various (featured voiceover) in Requiem: Wraith of the Fallen for The 3DO Company John Eberhardt, Producer (Cyclone Studios)
BLANK (featured voiceover) in Space Channel Five for Sega Greg Weber, Producer
WALLACE, FISHERMAN, MAN OUTSIDE (featured voiceover) in Eternal Ring for Agetec (Sony Playstation II), Greg Weber, Producer (Webtone Studios)
ZAZOVITCH/various (featured voiceover) in Uprising 2: Avenging Angel for The 3DO Company John Eberhardt, Producer (Cyclone Studios)
SOVIET STAFF OFFICER (featured voiceover) in Panzer General II for Simulated Simulations, Inc. directed by Reed Evans
CAPTAIN SPENCER (lead voiceover) in Soldiers at War Interactive CD ROM for Simulated Systems, Inc. directed by Reed Evans
Feature Films
McNEESE in The Wisdom Tree directed by Sunil Shah for Wisdom Tree Productions, LLC (SAG low-budget independent film)
CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER in The Thanatos Complex directed by Allen Wilson for Pyro Productions
TEAMSTER in Milk directed by Gus Van Zant for Focus Features
BOTUMA in die Mekaniks directed by Rowan Brooks for Lucky Dragon Productions
JACK in President's Hotel directed by Steve Imazo for 400 blows pictures
DOUBLE J in Almost Famous directed by Michael Gillespie and James Gutierrez for Almost Famous Productions
SUSHI CHEF in Howard the Duck directed by Willard Huyck for LucasFilms Entertainment
PRETZEL CART MAN in Patty Hearst directed by Paul Schrader for Atlantic Richfield Entertainment
REPORTER in Of Men and Angels directed by William Farley for William Farley Productions
CORONER in Starman episode Born to Run directed by Claudio Guzman for Columbia Pictures Television
VIDEO JOCKEY/VOICEOVERS for KTEH, Silicon Valley Public Television for eleven years (Monday Public Affairs Night, Midnight Movie Host, and Thursday Science and Information Night)
CHARLIE (principal) in Healthy Living Messages (five :60 spots) for Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Program directed by Becky Smith
Corporate Videos
Clients have included:
  • Motor Wheel Corporation of Detroit, Michigan
  • Victims in Search of Assistance (VISA) of San Jose, California
  • Osteopathic Film Society of Lansing, Michigan
  • Lockheed Missiles and Space Systems of Sunnyvale, California
  • Hewlett Packard Company of Cupertino, California
  • Cisco Systems of Santa Clara, California
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